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Dr. Jack Newman graduated from the University of Toronto medical school in 1970, interning at the Vancouver General Hospital. He did his training in paediatrics in Quebec City and at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto from 1977-1981, to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada in 1981 as well as Board Certified by the AAP in 1981. He has worked as a physician in Central America, New Zealand and South Africa. He founded the first hospital based breastfeeding clinic in Canada in 1984. He has been a consultant for UNICEF for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, evaluating the first Baby Friendly Hospitals in Gabon, the Ivory Coast and Canada.

Dr. Newman was a staff paediatrician at the Hospital for Sick Children emergency department from 1983 to 1992, and was, for a period of time the acting chief of the emergency services. However, once the breastfeeding clinic started functioning, it took more and more of his time, and he eventually worked full time helping mothers and babies succeed with breastfeeding. He now works in several clinics around the city of Toronto.

Dr. Newman has several publications on breastfeeding, and in 2000 published a help guide for professionals and mothers on breastfeeding, called, Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding in Canada (revised edition, January 2003), and The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers in the US.

Handouts by Dr. Newman

Adoptive Nursing

"Breastfeeding Your Adopted Baby"

At-Breast Supplementer

"Using a Lactation Aid"

Beginning to Breastfeed

"Breastfeeding - Starting Out Right"

"Skin to Skin Contact"

"How Breast Milk Protects Newborns"

"Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?"

When Latching Instructions with diagrams of how to latch baby on

Blocked Duct

"Blocked Ducts and Mastitis"


Risks of Artificial Feeding Reference Sheet

Breast Compression

"Breast Compression"


"Colic in the Breastfed Baby"



Expressing Milk


Extended Nursing

"Breastfeed a Toddler -- Why on Earth?"

Alternative Feeding Methods

"Finger Feeding & Cup Feeding"


"Herbal Remidies for Milk Supply"
Herbs that increase the milk supply


Breastfeeding and Guilt

Health Care Professional

"How to Know a Health Professional is not Supportive of Breastfeeding"

How to Know if Baby is Getting Enough Milk?

"Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?"
"Slow Weight Gain After the First Few Months"


"You Should Continue Breastfeeding" 

Increasing the Milk Supply

"Domperidone - Getting Started"

"Domperidone -Stopping"


"Breastfeeding and Jaundice"


"When Latching" by Anne Barnes -- Instructions with diagrams of how to latch the baby on
Handout #26: "When the Baby Refuses to Latch On"


"Blocked Ducts and Mastitis" 
"Treatments for Sore Nipples and Sore Breasts"


"You Should Continue Breastfeeding Drugs and Breastfeeding"


"Breastfeeding Myths"

Plugged Ducts

"Miscellaneous Treatments" Lecithin for plugged ducts


Interesting Quotes Compiled by Dr. Newman

Solid Foods

"Breastfeeding and Other Foods"
"Starting Solid Foods"

Sore Nipples

"Treatments for Sore Nipples and Sore Breasts"



Handout: "Candida Protocol"
"Fluconazole {Diflucan}"
"Using Gentian Violet"


"What to Feed the Baby When the Mother is Working Outside the Home"

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